Peter W Kehl - Trumpet

Founding member of WonderBrazz and an extensive CV as a trumpet player. Besides from his great musical contributions Peter is also the manager of WonderBrazz. He graduated from The Rytmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen in 1999 and have since then played with DR Big Band, Kid Creole, Xfactor Orkestret, Mø, Mads Langer, Lis Sørensen, Alphabeat and many others. Currently Peter is  also playing with Danish roots artist Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado.

Stig Naur - Saxophone / Vocals

Power, energy and a strong groove would be 3 words that describe Stig's playing. He graduated from Rytmic Music Conservatory in 2000 and

Co- founded WonderBrazz in 1998. Stig has taught Brass Band music at Rytmisk Center in Cph and has played with King Kane, Yasmin & Latin Ice as well as being a side man on many records.

He is currently playing with Soul Jazz DeLuxe, King Size Big Band, legendary funk big band BLAST and is the co-founder of KATAPONK.

Ola Åkerman - Trombone

Modern, simplistic, powerfull and outgoing jazz is the way to describe Ola's playing. He joined WonderBrazz in 2001 and since then he has written a lot of the bands original material. Ola has released 3 soloalbums "Ola Åkerman" - 1998, "All Together Now" - 2006 and "Dear Old Sverige" - 2009. Besides from WonderBrazz Ola plays with Sofi Hellborg and teaches at Musikhögskolan in Malmö Sweden.

Henrik Kjelin - Hammond Organ

Henrik is a master on his instrument. Simple and effective bass lines, a fantastic energy and output makes it a joy to watch and listen when he plays. Henrik joined WonderBrazz in 2006 and together with Ola he is the main composer of original material in WonderBrazz. Earlier in his career Henrik founded the Acid Jazz band Organic Paste with whom he released an album and toured extensively in Scandinavia.

Esben Duus - Drums

Graduated from the Rytmic Music Conservatory in 2000 and co founded WonderBrazz in 1998 together with Peter Kehl and Stig Naur.

Esben played with legendary gospel singer Etta Cameron from 1998 - 2010 and is currently a member of Danish pop artist Morten Remar's band.

He is passionate fan of soul, roots and gospel music and his musical CV includes Zididada, Danser med Drenge, Anders Blichfeldt, Lillian Boutté, Kenn Lending and numerous other Danish artists.

Martin Seidelin - Percussion

Martin is heavyly inspired by the West African tradition of drums and percussion. An original style of playing with a strong stage presence makes Martin a big part of WonderBrazz' concerts. Besides WonderBrazz Martin is playing with Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado and for the past 20 years he has been a sought aften drummer at the Danish Roots scene.

Martin joined WonderBrazz in 2000.